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AG Neovo Dental designs and produces dental handpieces for use in general and specialised dentistry. Parent company, AG Neovo, was founded in 1999 and began collaboration with dentists in 2007 with the development and introduction of the award-winning DR series of operative dental displays. In 2011, convinced that dentists would appreciate a dental drill that offered first-rate performance and greater operative longevity, AG Neovo expanded its product development efforts to include dental handpieces. In early 2013, AG Neovo Dental unveiled the Evolve series of air-driven dental handpieces, bringing unmatched precision and longevity to the dental equipment industry.

Corporate Profile

The AG Neovo name is synonymous with products that last. AG Neovo Dental is driven by the singular mission of making dental tools that perform precisely far longer than those of competing brands. Having collaborated closely with dentists since 2007, AG Neovo has raised the operative quality of thousands of dental clinics worldwide with the AG Neovo DR-series of operative dental displays. In 2013, AG Neovo Dental introduced its inaugural series of dental handpieces: the Evolve series, the first in a line of dental handpieces designed to deliver unmatched precision and longevity.

Since 2011, AG Neovo Dental has invested heavily in the design and development of the Evolve series of high-performance handpieces. The company’s research and development efforts have produced a number of evolutionary enhancements to handpiece design, including a patented chuck design: Enduro™. This industry-leading design incorporates the hardest composite material on Earth—tungsten carbide—and greatly improves chuck hardness, which, as a result, extends the precision and longevity of the handpiece. With this best-in-class design, the Evolve series from AG Neovo Dental provides a better experience for both patients and dentists.

The quality of AG Neovo Dental handpieces comes from a proprietary machining process and industry-certified assembly, which ensure that every operative tool is of the highest quality. The reliability of AG Neovo Dental handpieces is further assured through stringent post-production testing: every handpiece undergoes required speed and noise checks, and one out of every ten chucks undergoes a required 36,000-cycle drill bit attach-and-release inspection, with all tested chucks discarded following completion of the testing process. This state-of-the-art production and stringent testing ensure that AG Neovo Dental handpieces deliver a level of reliability and product longevity unmatched in the industry.


To be universally recognized as a premium dental equipment brand.


To create equipment that exceeds the requirements of dentists in both function and form, and in the process generate valued results for all stakeholders: clients, employees, investors, partners, and our planet.