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Matchless Durability

With a hardness close to a diamond, tungsten carbide is fused in the tip of the Enduro® Chuck, protecting this vital area from wearing out quickly, thus resulting in consistently perfect turbine-bur alignment.

5 HV 25 HV 35 HV 40 HV 80 HV
Tin Aluminium Gold Copper Iron
230 HV 250–500 HV 1000 HV 1,800 HV 10,000 HV
Mild Steel Titanium Full Hard Steel Tungsten Carbide Diamond

Uncompromising Concentricity

With a proprietary aperture push-button designed to withstand up to 36,000 cycles of bur attach-and-release, the Enduro® Chuck further ensures persistent concentricity that delivers the long-lasting precision as sharp as its very first use and guaranties the safety of patients.