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Water Spray Issue
1. Too much or insufficient water amount.

1. Check water system first. These issues could probably be caused by either aging components of water system of the dental chair or untuned setting between the dental chair and the handpieces. Adjusting the water knob should resolve these issues.
2. If water is still insufficient, check water spary holes without obstruction. Water spray holes can be cleaned by a cleaning needle.

1. What is the maintenance procedure?

Clean → Lubricate → Sterilize → Store
1. Clean handpiece surface
2. Spray lubricant into handpiece backend by spray nozzle for 2-3 seconds
3. Spray lubricant into spindle hole by spindle-type nozzle for 2-3 seconds
4. Insert bur into handpiece and run handpiece for at least 10 seconds to spray out excessive lubricant
5. Wipe down the exterior of handpiece with a dry tissue or towel
6. Remove bur (Do NOT sterilize handpiece with a bur. It will shorten the lifetime of handpiece)
7. Sterilize it by autoclave and put it into the sealed bag
8. Store

2. Phenomenon

Do not sterilize with a bur inserted!
This will be shorten the lifetime of handpiece (chuck system) and it will not give a thorough lubrication of the chuck system.

3. How often should I lubricate my handpieces?

*After each cleaning or before each sterilization.
*At least once per day.

Spindle hole
*After each cleaning or before each sterilization.
*At least once per week.

*At least once per month.

4. Can AG Neovo Dental couplings be thermodisinfected and sterilized?

No, the couplings cannot be autoclave sterilized.
No, the couplings cannot be cleaned and disinfected with a thermodisinfector.

5. What is the BEST way to take care dental handpieces?

Proper lubrication and maintenance of dental handpieces while using the recommended settings for both air and water flow are some of the best methods to keep them in working condition. NEVER wipe down with disinfectant solutions! Instead, use ALCOHOL wipes to remove debris before autoclaving. NEVER put dental handpieces into a WET environment.

6. Which nozzle do I use to lubricate my handpiece?

1. Chuck
2. Kavo type
3. NSK series
4. Low Speed series

7. Handpiece just stops working, what should I do?

You can remove it from the tube, lubricate it and check to see if all debris has been expelled from the handpiece.

Product & Function
1. What is the working speed of AG Neovo Dental handpieces?

1. Highspeed: Between 380,000 ~400,000 rpm.
2. Lowspeed: Contra-angle max. 40,000 rpm.
3. Air motor: max. 25,000 rpm.
4. Straight handpiece: max. 40,000 rpm.

2. How to connect AG Neovo Dental handpieces with 5-hole tubes?

You can connect CK-5010 KAVO compatible 5-hole coupling with 5-hole tubes (with light) or CN-4000 NSK compatible 4-hole coupling (without light).

Dental equipment-related parameters
1. The highspeed handpiece I am using doesn't have enough power/speed.

Please check drive air pressure on your unit and maintenance of the instruments. The pressure needs to be set between 2.3 - 2.8 bar (32 psi ~ 39 psi) for all AG Neovo Dental handpieces. (Please contact your dental chair vendor)

2. Lowspeed handpiece with fiber optic ( for highspeed 6 holes), but light is not working.

1. Connect the lowspeeds with the air motor, and rotor the lowspeeds to make sure the handpiece fiber connected with air motor's LED, you should hear the click sound if connected correctly.
2. Change the direction of the LED from air motor.

3. No Light from the coupling.

Change the polarity of the LED bulb.

4. How can I have light in my dental Handpiece?

If there is electricity at the end of turbine hose, you need a proper coupling and a handpiece with light.

1. Cannot remove the bur from handpiece after operation.

1. Bur may be bent after operation.
2. Either Press the push-botton and remove the bur with plier or contact your handpiece vendor.

2. The bur vibrate while cutting.

To check bur length before using (mini head should not be installed 21mm or longer bur)

3. Which burs can be used with AG Neovo Dental highspeeds?

The standard head sizes: 19 mm - 25 mm;
The mini head sizes: 16 mm - 21 mm

Warranty and Repair
1. How long does the typical handpiece repair take?

Handpieces are evaluated, repaired, and shipped back within two working days in most cases. (Shipping days not included).
Ex: Receive on Monday, ship back on Thursday.

2. Which part needs to be replaced in repairs most often?

The most frequently replaced parts are:
Highspeeds: Bearings
Lowspeeds / Contra-angles&Straight: Bearings and chucks

3. What causes turbine failure? 

Daily autoclaving, grinding on hard surfaces, maintenance, quality parts and air pressure speed are all factors that play a part in turbine failure. The handpiece repair company and dental office share equal responsiblities in making sure these factors are either followed through and controlled 100% to ensure the best performance of the handpiece.

4. What causes bearing failure?

Bearings are the first to wear out in a turbine. Build up of debris, excessive air pressure, excessive temperatures during autoclaving, side load stress, bent burs are main causes for bearings to fail or wear faster.

1. Converter from 4-hole handpieces to 2-hole tubes.

Use the adapter with one head 4-hole and one head 2-hole; then connect with the 4-hole side with the 4-hole coupling to our handpieces.

2. Water leakage from the joint of coupling.

1. Check the place of water leakage.
2. If water leaks from the connection of the handpiece and coupling, make sure it is fully connected.If water still leaks, replace the O-ring with the new one.
3. If water leaks from the connection of coupling and tube, make sure it is fully connected. If water still leaks, replace the gasket with the new one.

3. Air or oil leak at the handpiece / tube connecting part.

1. Dental unit and tube are conform to ISO standard.
2. Coupling and tube are correctly connected.
3. Check if gasket is missing or wore.
4. Is the tube line broken?