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Designed for a Lifetime

AG Neovo Dental’s commitment to making products that last means dental instruments that operate for longer periods of time without needing frequent maintenance. To achieve this high level of durability, only the highest quality materials are used during production. Extended product longevity is further ensured by a proprietary machining process, with stringent inspection of all machinery before production and strict testing of all dental instruments after production has been completed. From dental handpieces to dental accessories, AG Neovo Dental is dedicated to producing dental instruments that deliver a lifetime of lasting precision.

Best-in-Class Innovation

AG Neovo Dental’s research and development efforts have produced a significant development in dental handpiece design: the Enduro® Chuck. Designed specifically to bring a higher level of durability and reliability to dental handpieces, the Enduro® Chuck is a specially constructed hybrid of stainless steel and tungsten carbide—the hardest composite material on earth. With the Enduro® Chuck at their core, the turbine handpieces in AG Neovo Dental’s Evolve Series deliver industry-leading durability and uncompromising integrity.